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"Prague, Check!" - Elida

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The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round.

The only way to get to Prague from Munich is on a bus. A 4 hour bus ride with no stops. You can imagine our excitement. If you’re wondering, yes it was worth it.


We had entered a world of history generally not taught in America. Or maybe just not remembered in my case. Perhaps it’s because it was part of former Soviet Bloc (Iron Curtain), a fact that didn’t dawn on me until we spent our last evening at a café trying to learn some of its history on the internets (*cough* dorks!). I’m pretty sure they were Gozer woshippers at some point.


The sites are amazing and walking around the streets you feel like you’re still in the 16th century. The Astronomical Clock was my favorite for sure, since it has accurately predicted the motion of the stars, moon, and sun for the past 400 years. And it’s got wooden figurines that animate every hour on the hour when the bell rings. At first it might seem gimmicky, but then you learn it’s been that way for the last 500 years. Come on!


We tried Czech food our friend Pascal recommended. We gave steak tartar a shot (raw ground beef with a raw egg on top and mixed with spices. Except that it tasted like nothing, which didn’t outweigh the creep factor. No. Next out were beautiful pieces of pork and goose on horizontal spits that you slice yourself, accompanied by red and white sauerkraut. It looked and smelled like heaven. Unfortunately, I was reminded of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation when the family sits down to eat that completely dessicated turkey. It was that bad. Horrible. Flavorless. Chewy. Dry. It hurt your face and no amount of salt could help. You had to admire the creativity with which they destroyed that meal. My stomach has never been so depressed. I think I got depressed.


In that light, we decided to put on the fancy pants the following night. We went to a Michelin starred restaurant (what what!?) and had, quite simply, the best meal of our lives. Each wine was paired with each course perfectly, and each of the five courses was prepared with meticulous care, complete with amuse bouche. We were eating art. One of the main courses was mouflon or, err, ram. We ate RAM for the love of god! And it was AMAZING!


From Prague we were planning on returning to Germany to see the Rhine region, but we were exhausted and Elida caught a head cold, so we cut the Bavarian trip early and headed back to Antwerp. By the way, this trip from Prague to Antwerp is an excruciatingly long day (12 hours) of bus and train transfers that we do not recommend to anyone. Thank goodness there was a warm apartment with good beer and shawarma waiting for us when we arrived.


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