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Munchen meine Hosen

rain 52 °F

After a glorious respite in Antwerp for a few days (and some glorious shworma), we hopped aboard several trains destined for Munich. It was time for the festival to rule all festivals: Oktoberfest. In true drunken tourist fashion, we donned the ultimate party gear.


As we strolled through the grounds, me in my lederhosen and Elida in her dirndl, it became quite clear that my hosen was a wee bit short. One life experience I never thought I would have was hosen envy, but compared to the other dudes I was wearing antique leather hot pants. Elida was naturally smoking hot. It was also immediately clear that this festival was like the State Fair of Texas on steroids, except that people of all ages were absolutely trashed and we didn’t speak the language. We snagged some Kaaswursts (cheese filled sausages) and wandered into several tents.


Each was filled with 10,000+ people and had the coolest themed decorations covering the roof, like clouds, birds, that kind of thing. In the middle on a stage, a decent sized traditional German band was rocking the glockenspiel. People stood on benches singing along to these traditional songs. The atmosphere was amazing! Unfortunately it was impossible to get a seat at a table (which means no beer and a really unhappy Willis), but luckily we were able to sit outside at a wet, cold table to get our first enormous beer.


We had read that tables are easier to come by in the smaller, microbrewery tents and headed out to find one. In one of these tents we made a friend when he asked to share our table so he could eat the delectable chicken they serve at the festival. Pascal was a native and explained that he this was his 12th day of Oktoberfest. In other words, he had come every day for 12 out of the 14 day festival. He was so nice, of course everyone is after that much beer, and we parted ways after the tent kicked us out for a reserved party that night.


Did I mention the HUGE steins!? I don’t know how you can drink more than two of these things.


I mean, I did drink more than two and I don’t really remember what happened after that. I think I ate a 2’ long wiener.


Hung. Over.


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